Olasonic TW-S7(W) Brilliant White

USB Bus Powered 10W+10W Speaker System

Olasonic TW-S7(W) Brilliant White

Launch Date: August 1, 2011
MSRP: $129.99

Product Information


Simple USB-only Connection
Simple USB-only Connection
Featuring plug-and-play compatibility with PC and Macintosh personal computers using a single USB cable, the TW-S7 installs automatically without the need for special drivers or software. Personal computers generally support high-fidelity sound reproduction that most speaker systems were not designed to handle. The TW-S7 employs direct transfer of digital audio signals over the USB interface to minimize added noise and distortion in order to reveal the full potential for a personal computer to deliver high-fidelity sound reproduction.

Requires no electrical outlet; delivers 10W+10W output on USB bus power alone
Requires no electrical outlet; delivers 10W+10W output on USB bus power alone
The TW-S7 achieves 10W+10W dynamic power output through the use of the revolutionary Super Charged Drive System™ (SCDS). The SCDS operates similar to the drive system in a hybrid car, storing USB bus power as electrical charge in a high capacity condenser during periods of low signal output and then releasing power during periods of higher signal output in order to achieve greater dynamic power output on a continuous basis. Incorporation of a newly developed high-efficiency digital amplifier and high-capacity speaker unit enable the TW-S7 to achieve surprisingly high output in comparison to other USB powered speaker systems.

Passive radiator provides deep bass reproduction
Passive radiator provides deep bass reproduction
Robust bass reproduction is essential for heartfelt musical enjoyment. The compact form factor of the TW-S7 conceals a 60mm diameter long stroke speaker unit and jointly co-developed passive radiator positioned along the same axis. This passive radiator employs bass resonance to provide acoustic bass reinforcement.

Audio reproduction with sharp position and clear sound field
Audio reproduction with sharp position and clear sound fieldAudio reproduction with sharp position and clear sound field
For PC speakers, the listening point is generally 50cm closer than in a standard listening environment. For such near field listening, a sharp sound point is particularly important. The low diffraction, elliptical shape of the TW-S7 provides an ideal point source that faithfully reproduces the position and depth of musical instruments. Additionally, a diffuser employed along the front axis improves orientation by scattering high-range sounds to achieve reproduction of a sharp position and clear sound field.

Acoustically Ideal Elliptical Cabinet
Acoustically Ideal Elliptical Cabinet
The TW-S7 employs an acoustically ideal elliptical cabinet design that not only provides greater strength than a box-shaped speaker of the same size but also eliminates standing waves and “box-ring”. By eliminating the need for insulation, the TW-S7 achieves higher efficiency through greater effective use of space.

High Quality silicone Insulator Stands
High Quality silicone Insulator Stands
High-quality silicone insulator stands not only absorb base vibration, they also allow for fine-tuning of the angle of orientation to ensure an ideal stereo listening environment.


Model Number TW-S7(W) TW-S7(B)
Color Brilliant White Noble Black
Peak Output 10W+10W(Dynamic Power)
Amplifier Super Charged Drive System™ (SCDS)
Frequency Response 60Hz - 20,000Hz
Speaker Unit φ60mm full-range cone
with central audio diffuser
Speaker Magnet φ55mm high-efficiency ferrite magnet
Passive Receiver φ60mm expanded urethane
Rated Power Consumption 2.5W
Power Supply USB bus powered
Audio Input USB digital audio
Connection Environment Mac OS 9,OSX 10.1 orlater
External Dimensions 108mm x 108mm x 141mm
Weight 950g
Price MSRP: $129.99
Warranty 1 year free replacement
Accessories 2 silicone insulator stands
Cable Length Speaker to USB port: 90cm
Between right and left speakers: 90cm

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