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D/A Converter


Launch Date: In late May, 2014

Product Information

NANOCOMPO Concept: New generation audio equipment for the comfortable music life

  • As small as possible
  • Beautiful and valuable appearance
  • High sound quality equivalent to large-sized product
  • High affinity to PC
  • Uniform design and operability
  • Can be set vertically
  • Make good use of existing CDs


    Two color choice
    Platinum whiteSilky black
    Colors of platinum white and silky black. The customers can choose the colors according to their preferences.

    Headphone impedance selector is equipped to bring out the quality of high-class headphones

    3 digital inputs : USB(type B), Optical, Coaxial
    High resolution sound can be played
    OPT: -96kHz/24bit
    USB/COAX: -192kHz/24bit

    Jitter free design & Up-sampling processing
    Jitter free for all digital inputs
    192kHz/24bit up-sampling processing for all inputs on the Burr-Brown’s Asynchronous Rate Converter [SRC-4392]
    TCXO (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator) is used for Clock

    Driver install is not necessary for USB input up to 96kHz/24bit
                      *) Download exclusive driver is here

    Equipped with [PCM1792], Burr-Brown’s high quality DAC which has an established reputation
    Burr-Brown’s [OPA2132] is used for the current/voltage conversion circuit

    High quality headphone amplifier
    [OPA2132] is used for the headphone amplifier with direct coupled capacitor-less output

    Small size which can be placed anywhere
    149 x 33 x 149mm (WxHxD , without protrusion)
    Seamless cabinet made of die-cast aluminum

    Download -- Papercraft data

    You can download the full size NANO-D1 papercraft data.
    NANO-D1 papercraft image
    [Download] File Size:502KB


  • Depending on the PCs, there is a case which the TV sound is not output from the USB terminal.
      For details, please contact to the PC manufacturer.

  • Announcement of a latest edition of exclusive driver v1.10. (February 23, 2015)
      The error of installation in Windows vista has been modified.    <Download exclusive driver is here>

  • Specifications

    Model number NANO-D1 NANO-D1(B)
    Color Platinum white Silky black
    Audio input 1 USB audio input (Type B) ,  1 Optical digital input,  1 Coaxial digital input
    Supported sampling rate USB,COAX : ~192kHz/24bit (Linear PCM)
    OPT : ~96kHz/24bit (Linear PCM)
    Supported Bit Rate 16/24bit
    USB compatibility Mac OS X10.6.4 or later
    Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    Analog output Line (RCA L/R), Max 7.5Vrms
    Headphone output 140mW+140mW (300Ω), Standard 6.3mm stereo jack
    Frequency response 5Hz ~80,000Hz
    Power supply AC100V~240V (AC adaptor)
    Power consumption Approx. 4.5W (at silent)
    Dimensions 149 x 33 x 149mm (W x H x D, without protrusion)
    149 x 39 x 170mm (W x H x D, with protrusion)
    Weight 890g (main body only)
    Supplied accessories USB cable, AC adaptor, Power cable, Adapter plug (3.5mm to 6.3mm)
    Cable length USB cable: About 0.9m (not include the plug)
    AC power cable + AC power adapter: About 2.5m

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